Understanding the Horse's Feet

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Understanding the Horse's Feet
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AuthorJohn Stewart
GenreEquine Veterinary Medicine
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MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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Understanding the Horse's Feet sets out to explain the complexity of this subject in terms that the lay person can understand, and help the horse owner to have confidence in discussing foot-related issues with their vet or farrier/trimmer. The perennial problem of laminitis is examined in depth, together with other conditions that commonly affect the horse's foot. Topics covered include: The structure of the horse's foot; Examining horses' feet; The function of the hoof and the other foot structures; Laminitis; Investigating lameness. A practical guide to understanding the complexities of the horse's feet, aimed at horse owners, riding instructors, veterinary nurses and students. Superbly illustrated with 228 colour photographs and diagrams. John Stewart is an experienced vet and has his own equine practice.

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