Traditional Recipes of the Axarquia

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Traditional Recipes of the Axarquia
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AuthorMalcolm Coxall
GenrePortuguese & Spanish European
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The Axarquia is a small, remarkable corner of Andalucía in Spain. It has witnessed some of the most culturally cataclysmic events of the last 40,000 years of European history, such as the arrival of the first modern human beings in Europe, the invasion of the Phoenicians, Byzantines, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and most recently, the Christians. It is a bountiful area with fertile soils and a good climate. However, it is not always an easy place. In just a few years the climate of the area can fluctuate from abundance to drought. The geography of the region makes access very difficult; to this day many of its villages are remote, often inaccessible. These extraordinary historical, climatic and geographical conditions have made the Axarquia an area of great diversity. One of the most interesting facets of the region is its cuisine. It is full of Roman, Arab, Jewish and Christian culinary tradition. The cuisine of the Axarquia is a delicious and exciting voyage of exploration in taste and history.

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