Top 10 Spanish Tapas. How to Cook Spanish Cuisine

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Top 10 Spanish Tapas. How to Cook Spanish Cuisine
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AuthorBadra Moncath
GenrePortuguese & Spanish European
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If you enjoy Spanish tapas alone or with your friends. Why not try to replicate some of the dishes you had?It might seem complicated because you have never prepared any tapas before, but that should not hold you from exploring how to cook Spanish Cuisine. Meet Badra Moncath. Badra's new book "Top 10 Spanish Tapas. How to Cook Spanish Cuisine" now only lets you understand why more and more Spanish restaurants and chefs are given international awards) could it be the quality, variety and creativity?), you also get the opportunity to make the top 10 favorite tapas many Spaniards have on their list. The 10 best known tapas, explained step-by-step, and written by an Spaniard, amazingly tasty and easy to prepare to impress not only your friends but yourself. You'll find out that you are capable of creating your own Spanish typical dish! The tapas in this book, with detailed explanations, are the most flavorful and famous: tortilla de patatas, garlic shrimps, salmorejo, stuffed eggs, cod croquettes, brave potatoes, and mussels with vinaigrette, Octopus, potato salad and meatballs. This book will end up becoming your best ally during those weekends when you don't know what to eat. The preparation of all the tapas is explained in detail, with pictures of each step.

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