The Truth About Facebook - How to Use Facebook For Marketing and Advertising, and Much More - The Facts You Should Know

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The Truth About Facebook - How to Use Facebook For Marketing and Advertising, and Much More - The Facts You Should Know
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AuthorTodd Baird
GenreRetailing Marketing & Sales
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This book is a great resource - lots of research, plenty of tips, loaded with detailed instructions, with leads into distant parts of the Facebook universe. If you are new to Facebook, this book will help you figure out how to get up and going; if you are a casual user, this book will give you ideas on what else you can do; and if you are an expert user, this book will surprise you with how much you can still do on facebook. The Facebook online social network site has become a phenomenon with millions of account holders registered with the "online village." It is easy to open an account and almost immediately set up online relationships with friends, coworkers, and community groups. Facebook's features include easy ways for people and (businesses) to connect via blog features, online groups and networks, photo and video sharing, text messaging and postings, and an elaborate tracking system which stores Facebook's activities and allows access to that data to other FaceBook users and even to others not directly connected with Facebook. This book is designed primarily for the non-technical computer person who wants to join the fun and business of using Facebook. It is a great book, describing how to use and enjoy the Facebook features -from registering, setting up a profile, finding and inviting friends to join your personal network, joining groups and networks which share your interests, playing with both silly and serious applications, and using Facebook for business purposes, even for job postings and searching. You'll enjoy its simple, yet comprehensive, approach to Facebook, the book is filled with tips and practical suggestions at every section providing information on using Facebook. Inside: - Create a Group on Facebook and Increase Your Visibility While Also Attracting Clients and Prospects - Ebook Writing Profits - How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Sell More Ebooks and Build Your Business - Track Facebook, Twitter & Social Networks in Google Analytics

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