The Retailers Guide to Carbon Tax

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The Retailers Guide to Carbon Tax
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AuthorHymie Zawatzky
GenreRetailing Marketing & Sales
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Retail businesses, already feeling the pinch, are facing further pressure with the Governments introduction of the Carbon Tax, that is due to come into effect on July 1, 2012. This tax may be the last straw for many, who are trying to come to terms with the additional costs they will have to absorb when it is fully operational. This book examines the following aspects of retail costs directly affected by the carbon tax: Outgoings, Increases in store electricity, How council rates and taxes are likely to increase, Annual rental adjustments, Present retail lease arrangements. This guide also covers several other important issues such as: The impact of the tax on landlords, Details of incentives given by state and federal governments, The safeguard legislation given to the ACCC to ensure that the system is fair and transparent, The impact on retailers who will not be able to pass on the additional costs to clients. For all retailers who are preparing budgets for after 1 July 2012, or need to come to terms with the practical impacts of the tax on their business, The Retailers Guide to Carbon Tax is a must read. About the Author: Hymie is a certified practicing accountant (FCPA) with many years financial and management experience, and has run his own consulting company, specialising in the retail and property industry. In his role as business consultant, Hymie Zawatzky has assisted many retailers with the basic requirements of running a retail business in Australia. Also a number of large companies work with him in developing their retail strategies in these uncertain times. He is the author of the books: Australia the Immigrants Guide, Retail Australia Understanding the Finances of your Business, and his current book Retail Survival in Tough Times. All are selling in Australia and Internationally. If you have an interest in the retail sector you will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from reading Hymies new offering.

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