The Retailer's Guide to Lease Negotiation and Administration in Australia

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The Retailer's Guide to Lease Negotiation and Administration in Australia
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AuthorHymie Zawatzky
GenreRetailing Marketing & Sales
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Retail lease negotiation and administration is the key to running a successful retail business. This practical guide will assist retailers to negotiate a fair lease and successfully administer occupancy costs during the lease term, whether you are: A small retailer in a shopping centre or stand-alone shop, a chain of retail stores, a supermarket or department store, a franchisee, a professional, such as a pharmacist, doctor or optometrist trading in a retail environment, an international chain considering trading in Australia. An essential checklist highlights the protection given to retailers under the Retail Tenancy Acts in Australia and those clauses permitted in leasing. It also covers the following essential aspects of retail business: The 8 golden rules of negotiating a retail lease, A fair retail rent, Outgoings control and monitoring, The fit-out of the store, The disclosure statement and its implications, Making a lease offer, Purchasing a store from an existing tenant, The rights of franchisees under state legislation, The new Franchising Code and its impact on all parties, Negotiation with a landlord during an economic downturn, Handling options in leases, How to administer a lease portfolio. About the Author: Hymie has over 25 years financial and management consulting experience specialising in the retail and property industry. In his role as a business consultant, Hymie has assisted small and large retail groups in negotiating their leases with landlords and set up administration controls for franchises. He has acted for many professionals in negotiating their leases according to professional regulations. He is the author of Australia the Immigrants Guide to Retail, Retail Survival in Tough Times, and The Retailers Guide to Carbon Tax. If you have an interest in the retail sector you will benefit from reading Hymie's new offering.

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