The Path to Harness Racing Handicapping Profits

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The Path to Harness Racing Handicapping Profits
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AuthorDouglas Masters
GenreTrack Betting Gambling
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This book represents three decades of handicapping and betting harness races and is a summary of observations that are important to being a winning player. This book summarizes the conclusions on what made the author a winning player. There is no magic formula to become a winning player and the author is the first to say that there is more than one road to profits. This book is the road taken by Doug Masters to becoming a winning player. Becoming a winning player is part art and part skill, so it is impossible to summarize it as a mechanical method; however, Doug attempts to outline his process in the second half of the book. This book may be difficult for beginning harness handicappers to read because it does not explain any basic terminology. There are, however, glossaries of harness racing terms online as well in the racing programs of harness tracks. There are no winning examples in this book. This is a quote from the author in the introduction."You will find no past performances listed in this book; this is intentional. Anyone who has been around harness racing for even a few years has probably read various books and publications offering a handicapping system. All of them will have examples of how a handicapping system or angle picked a winner. Anyone can do this, especially when so many of these authors are working backwards from the winner. To me, it is simply a waste of time. And besides, only a mediocre or inexperienced handicapper is going to believe there is a single path to success in wagering. This book consists of my observations of the sport and how it relates to my own handicapping perspective. If you are looking for a system that represents some sort of absolute truth, you're looking in the wrong place."

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