The Moldavite Enigma

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The Moldavite Enigma
Cover page
AuthorK.B. Wells
GenreCrystals New Age
Publication date
Mercid 201109781618697813
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
WebsiteRakuten Kobo Canada


What is Moldavite? How can a small piece of this stunning green rock produce vivid and lucid dreams? How can this stone work with our conscious and subconscious mind to draw out and alter our thinking? How is it that these effects-and many more-are available to nearly everyone, regardless of background, learning or beliefs? Although the cultural and historical roots of this incredibly beautiful stone can be traced back thousands of years, the legends of the stone and its mysterious effects have gained significant momentum in recent years. Some think it is a type of meteorite or alien gemstone. One theory asserts that it is connected to the Holy Grail. More importantly, this stone has a formidable ability to alter human consciousness. A fresh exploration into the Alchemic force behind Moldavite has been long overdue, and K.B. Wells, Jr, author of The Montauk Files presents just that analysis. This fascinating book is filled with dozens of beautiful full-color images of this captivating stone.

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