The Indian 'Retales' - Insights of an Indian Retailer

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The Indian 'Retales' - Insights of an Indian Retailer
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GenreRetailing Marketing & Sales
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Retail in India, especially the modern self service chains has been at the centre of several press and magazine articles. Vigorous debates about FDI, Corporate Chains and the Conventional stores abound in many a forum. However, in spite of all this hype there are very few books, if any at all that examine this interesting sector and the myriad facets and issues regarding it. 'The Indian reTALEs' is amongst the first comprehensive books about Indian Retail. Starting off with some deep insights and analysis about the retail scenario, the author moves on to a prescriptive mode detailing various ideas and approaches that a retailer can use to better their businesses. Interestingly, the ideas although presented in a retail context are relevant for several other businesses, namely those engaged in services. Mr. Raghu Pillai, a pioneer and visionary of Indian Retail has written the foreword, wherein he strongly reiterates the huge potential of Indian consumers, their consumption story and hence retail. Lastly, the author manages to convey his passion for retail and also possibly tickle the readers mind to consider becoming a retailer.

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