The Crystal Textbook

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The Crystal Textbook
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AuthorS. Roger Joyeux
GenreCrystals New Age
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If you want to understand crystals, first understand light. The Crystal Textbook is laid out in two parts: "Working with Light and Crystals", which establishes a foundation of how light works, along with asserting the need for discernment in understanding how crystals work, and, "Crystals", which discusses individual crystals and is alphabetical, thus providing the reader with an easy way to go directly to a particular crystal. Ideally, the reader reads section one, then delves into crystals of interest at his or her leisure. Because the light does the work, some confusion naturally arises around which crystals contribute to which tasks. The sections on healing and negativity work toward an understanding of the qualities of light that could lead to the misconception that all crystals are healers and that all crystals work with negativity. True enough perhaps, but crystals are specialized. A section entitled, "Crystal Specialization" is included to clarify the specific roles that crystals play by addressing the concept of specialization. Light is central to any understanding of how crystals work, so there is a section in Part I entitled, "Basic Characteristics of Light". Densification, fragmentation, and splitting are a few of the difficulties that happen to light frequencies as they take on physical density. Light has a number of basic characteristics that need to be explained before making sense of the way particular crystals work. The Crystal Textbook carries sufficient explanations of the relevant characteristics of light at the appropriate places to ensure that it stands alone. As part of "Working with Light and Crystals", I have included a section on the 'Eleven-Chakra' system. Having this background information will help to synthesize the knowledge of the Light Body layout and the roles played by Hematite, Kyanite, Calcite, and Selenite. Also included are sections on the rules of thumb for crystal colours, the nature of creativity, and the shortfa

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