Taste of Portugal

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Taste of Portugal
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AuthorEdite Vieira
GenrePortuguese & Spanish European
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It is amazing that in these times of passion for the food from every corner of the globe, the cooking of Portugal remains unexplored by so many, especially given its vibrant flavors and simple domestic style. In this authoritative and fascinating book Edite Vieira traces the rich legacy of her country's culinary excellence from medieval through to modern times lacing it with history and anecdote and a collection of authentically delicious recipes. From simple and wholesome peasant fare to elaborate celebratory meals, ingredients include salt cod (bacalhau) in all its myriad variations, cumin and oranges are both remnants of the voyaging past, green coriander is the main flavoring herb; essentially the food is the food of a country which grows grapes, peppers, melons, quinces and apples, and few other countries have such a repertoire of pork dishes. Fresh pork is much in evidence as well as ham (presunto), pork and red pepper sausages (chouricos) and black pudding (morcela), all foods very much in present vogue. Edite Vieira was born in Portugal. In 1964 she moved to London where she worked for the BBC as a radio journalist and programme announcer in Portuguese. She is the author of many books including a collection of poetry.

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