TCP Model for Retail Success

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TCP Model for Retail Success
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Authormohammed Bintahin
GenreRetailing Marketing & Sales
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TCP Model is a model focus the attention of retailer on three main things, which are increasing traffic, increasing conversion rate and increasing profit per transaction. Then the book gives a step-by-step manual on how to increase those numbers. Retailing is a very active industry in business, people getting into this type of business are huge, and they face tremendous challenges by big retailers and E-tailers, which motivate them to learn, and train to be able to compete in this tuff industry. This book comes as a saver and guide for business to win the competition and make profits. Most books let the reader lost in details while TCP mode focus 100% in the core of retail which brings customers, sell to them and make profit from your selling. This book is written for retailers especially entrepreneurs and small business owners. Also, it could be beneficial for CEOs of large retail companies.

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