Spanish Famous Recipes: European Cookbook Series

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Spanish Famous Recipes: European Cookbook Series
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AuthorClaude DeLucca
GenrePortuguese & Spanish European
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Mercid 100179781310317262
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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"Spanish Famous Recipes: European Cookbook Series" containing more than 210 famous recipes from Spain, in some big categories: Soups and stews (Royal soup, Seed broth, Cold milk soup, Frogs leg soup, etc), Fish (Stock for boiling fish, Roast shad, Cod in sauce, Harlequin of cod, Codfish pie, etc), Eggs (Huevos a la mode, Eggs modern style, Eggs toledo style, Eggs in burnt butter, Eggs garnished, etc), Meats (Pot pie, White petticoat pies, Sausage bread, Veal with asparagus, Calves' brains, etc), Cream sauce (Fish sauce, Sauce for omelet, Special sauce for meats, Sauce of Catalan, Olive sauce, Radish sauce, etc), Vegetables (Asparagus Andalusian style, Asparagus in sauce, Asparagus in butter, Quilted cauliflower, Fried cauliflower, etc) and many more.

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