Spain Buddy: Spain Recipes

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Spain Buddy: Spain Recipes
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AuthorElle Draper
GenrePortuguese & Spanish European
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Synopsis This book is a collection of recipes from, or inspired by, Spain. All have been tested several times by the author. They are all written informally and in a way that even the most novice cooks can follow. No longer is cooking solely the domain of chefs or cooks with experience. Elle is an amateur cook, but someone who is a huge lover of food and spending time with friends across a dinner table. Her ethos is that time should be spent with your visitors - not hidden away in another room, only emerging when dishes are placed on a table. This book makes that possible, providing recipes (each with a full colour photograph), in a step by step format. About the author Elle Draper lives with Alan and their three dogs in a beautiful village in the hills of Almería in southern Spain, although Elle and Alan both originate from the UK. Together they run Spain Buddy, a website full of information about this amazing country that they are proud to call home. Elle loves to work miracles (she's stuck working on turning water into wine though) and sometimes she wears a superhero cape. She loves dogs, wine, a massive variety of cuisines and her "Alan" (although not necessarily in that order). She has been known to throw shoes and half the stationery cupboard but generally is very chilled out. She is a devoted friend, but a lethal enemy, and her bite is way worse than her bark. Elle has a geeky side too and gets very excited about Doctor Who. She is also unashamed to admit she loves a bit of trashy telly. Elle is one of those sickeningly chirpy optimistic people, seeing the best in everyone and, while others view their glasses as half full, she sees hers as an opportunity for a top-up of more wine or vodka and usually gets a round of shots in while she's waiting. Her book was inspired by the amazing range of ingredients in Spain. Some recipes are authentic, while others are inspired by her time here (since 2006). All these recipes are designed to bring a taste of Spain to your

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