Small Track Betting

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Small Track Betting
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AuthorC.N. Richardson
GenreTrack Betting Gambling
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MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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This authoritative guide will make horseplayers a lot of money. Respected racing author C.N. Richardson takes would-be winners through his eight-point system for betting. Most important, by working his strategy at small tracks (including Finger Lakes Racetrack, Great Lakes Downs, Lone Star Park, and Turf Paradise) rather than their larger counterparts, Richardson shows the fantastic results of his system in real situations. His keys rules for doing a top-notch analysis of the odds include having knowledge of the trainers, limiting betting to no more than five races at any given track, and choosing exotic betting options, like trifectas, to maximize the investment's return. He also includes and explains personal idiosyncrasies like never betting on a race he can't see!

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