Sentinel Code

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Sentinel Code
Cover page
AuthorDan Van Werkhoven
GenreSteampunk Science Fiction & Fantasy
Publication date
Mercid 527069780648221203
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
WebsiteRakuten Kobo Canada


It took her ten years to become a Sentinel warrior. It took her half-brother four days to get her dishonourably discharged. Klara Koskova has one, simple dream: Become a Sentinel like her legendary father. However, when a dragon from beyond the mysterious gates kills her sister, that dream turns into a desperate vendetta, and Klara vows to stop at nothing to avenge her sister…Mikhail Koskov is on the run. His mother has vanished with a dangerous secret, and his employers-the tyrannical Alchemist Guild-have turned their gaze to him. Mikhail must unearth the truth before the Guild finds him. Unfortunately, the only man with answers is in the most secure Sentinel fort in the country. The only way in is to be a Sentinel… but that's nothing a few forged documents won't fix. While Klara and Mikhail fight to survive the Sentinels' brutal training program, the Alchemists search for an excuse to declare war on the Sentinels. If Klara helps her fugitive brother, she'll give the Guild the justification they seek. Klara must choose between the future of her nation, avenging her sister, or saving Mikhail. And she can only pick one…

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