Sabores do Ar e do Fogo - Tastes of Air and Fire

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Sabores do Ar e do Fogo - Tastes of Air and Fire
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AuthorFátima Moura, Mário Cerdeira
GenrePortuguese & Spanish European
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Before buying this enhanced ebook, please confirm that your reader is compatible with fixed layout. For more information, please scroll down. Traditional Hams and Sausages from Portugal Speaking of traditional Portuguese ham's and sausages is the same as to evoke the "master pig", also known in Portugal as the poor man's bank and his "professor of anatomy", which is the main source of our remarkable products in this area of knowledge - "Bisaro breed" in the Centre and North, and of the "Alentejo breed" in the South of Portugal. From the elaborate breeding of the pig results an overwhelming majority of gastronomic wonders that centuries-old tradition has been refining in our villages, seasoned by the hardships of life (the need to make do and to make use of everything), developed with imagination and skill, and finally passed down from generation to generation, from grandmothers and mothers to granddaughters and daughters. To make a survey - even if necessarily limited - of traditional Portuguese hams and sausages (smoked or simply air dried) is an immeasurable work. From Minho to the Algarve, and through the Azores, there are many sausages and hams of great quality, some of them consequence of hundreds of years of practice and all indelibly linked to the traditions of our people. In choosing the products that originated these postage stamps (divided into two sets to better encompass such a vast area) we were assisted by José Quitério, grandmaster of the culinary critique in Portugal, and by Fátima Moura, writer and expert "blogger" on these issues. The photographic survey, all carried out locally, is by Mário Cerdeira.

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