Pratical Psychomancy and Crystal gazing

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Pratical Psychomancy and Crystal gazing
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AuthorWilliam Walker Atkinson
GenreCrystals New Age
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Lesson I-The Nature of Psychomancy: Interesting, scientific principles underlying Psychomancy. Sensing objects by the Astral Senses. The three classes of Psychomancy. The phenomena of the Astral Vision. The Astral Tube. Projection of the Astral Body. Lesson II-How to Develop Yourself: The Dawn of the Psychic Faculties. Auric Colors. Visions. Development Methods. Concentration. Visualization. Psychometry. The Magic Mirror. How to use the Crystal and Mirror. General Instruction. Lesson III-Simple Psychomancy: Simple and Space Psychomancy and their differences. Sensitivity to Impressions. "Feeling" the Thought of Others. Seeing Through Solid Objects. Seeing Down Into the Earth. Telescopic and Microscopic Vision. Diagnosis of Disease by Psychomancy. Lesson IV-The Astral Tube: This most interesting study is stated clearly, so that all may readily understand this fundamental principle of Psychic Communication. Lesson V-Psychometry: Locating persons by a lock of hair, etc. Reading a person's characteristics, past history, etc. Describing distant scenes from flowers, etc. Describing mines from bits of minerals, etc. Reading the past associations of an object. Lesson VI-Crystal Gazing: Revival of a Lost Science. Various forms of Crystal Gazing. Directions of "How to Do It," etc. Lesson VII-Astral Projection: Projecting the Astral Body. Materializing one's self. Taking part in Distant Scenes, Events and Conversations. Showing one's self to Absent Friends. What the trained experimentor may do. The English Society's reports upon Psychic Phenomena along these lines. The Living Ghost within each of us. Traveling in the Astral. Lesson VIII-Space Psychomancy: What it means, and what may be accomplished by means of it. Swedenborg's, and others', wonderful experiences. Truth stranger than fiction. Scientific facts reading like a romance. Lesson IX-Past Time Psychomancy: Sensing the scenes, occurrences and objects of the Past, by Astral Vision. A most fascinating subject, and one of importanc

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