Portuguese Famous Recipes: European Cookbook Series

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Portuguese Famous Recipes: European Cookbook Series
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AuthorClaude DeLucca
GenrePortuguese & Spanish European
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MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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"European Cookbook Series: Portuguese Famous Recipes" containing more than 70 famous recipes from Portuguese, in some big categories: Soups (Soup of a thousand infants, Chicken soup, Shrimp soup, Almond soup, etc.), Fish (Fresh cod fish with rice, Baked fish, Fish lusitania style, Fishwife's stew, Small mackerel grilled, Stuffed salmon, etc.), Eggs (Ovos com molho do peixe, Eggs in portuguese style), Meat dishes (Meat balls, Little beefsteaks, pan-fried, Minced beef, Meat flowers, Portuguese curry, Baked kid, etc.), Sauces (Portuguese cooking sauce, Portuguese sauce for meats, Olive sauce for meats), Vegetables (Nourishing rice, Summer squash, Shelled green beans, Spinach with sardines), Desserts (Almond cake, Cake to eat with wine, Fried cream, Almond pie, Chocolate pudding, Apple pudding, Rice pudding, Bread pudding, Maiden's kisses, Tinder-boxes, etc.), Sweet sauces (Chocolate sauce, Lemon sauce, Red wine sauce, Prune or plum sauce) and more.

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