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AuthorSimon Hazeldine
GenreRetailing Marketing & Sales
Publication date
Mercid 253519780749469221
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
WebsiteRakuten Kobo Canada


Anyone involved in sales faces huge challenges these days, from fierce global competition and increased pressure on margins to the power of internet-savvy buyers and difficulties with getting time with prospective buyers. To succeed in sales, something more than the traditional techniques is needed. Neuro-Sell presents an effective, brain-based approach to selling that is sensitive to what's going on in the customer's mind. Neuro-Sell helps readers understand the importance of the unconscious and get below the surface of what people say to recognise what they really mean. Packed with examples, quizzes, templates and interactive exercises, it develops readers' skills in building sales relationships with the four main types of buyer and outlines the five stages of neuro-negotiating that will help give readers the competitive edge.

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