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Merc Biz is here to boost up your business more than ever!

We fetch and import huge databases of products from all over the world, from USA, China, Japan, Libya, Egypt, Cambodia… you name it. All of those details will be indexed by the major search engines, institutions and companies — all for your benefit and profit.

What is more, to participate, you do not need to do nothing. Everything is done like magic! Customers come when they find your products, books, and whatever you sell, and read about those on the Merc Biz pages, anytime, anywhere, whatever. All for you and for your sweets and huge business profits from the day one.

If you want to enhance your products displayed on the Merc Biz page, please feel free to do so. Whenever you want and do whatever you think is best for your business. Edit your published data feed or log in to the Merc Biz and edit the page to suit your needs. When we update imported data, we will, of course, merge your changes to the most recent data you have published in your feed.

Citizens of the cyberspace, your customers, will find their way to purchase products from your shop in no time at all. And, when you give them good price, you can be sure, that they will come in shopping again and again. All the traffic from Merc Biz to your online shop includes unique identifiers, so that you can be sure to track who shop what and when.

Contact us more for details on how to publish your feed and how to use the tracking identifiers to ensure you know your customers and can provide them the stuff they need!