Logic Designer's Handbook: Circuits and Systems

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Logic Designer's Handbook: Circuits and Systems
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AuthorParr, E. A.
GenreLogic Design Programming
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Mercid 101159781483292809
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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Easy-to-read, but nonetheless thorough, this book on digital circuits is for use by students and engineers, and is a readily accessible source of data on devices in the TTL and CMOS families. The book is written to be used as a Designer's Handbook and will spend its days on the designer's bench rather than their bookshelf. The basic theory is explained and then supported with specific practical examples. * Revised, enlarged, reduced price edition * Easy-to-read, jargon free book suitable for professionals and students * Plenty of basic theory and practical information * Based on authors practical experience of logic design * Combined textbook/reference book

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