In the Flow

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In the Flow
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AuthorJonathan Males
GenreCanoeing Water Sports
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Mercid 100179781310380204
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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The importance of delivering the psychological fundamentals to achieve paddling success. What's the connection between what paddlers think and feel and how they perform? How does mental preparation help performance? What do paddlers and their coaches need to do, to ensure paddlers perform at their best when it counts?Former international paddler and now sport psychologist Jonathan Males combines his many years of experience working with successful competitors with recent research in this accessible book, designed to help paddlers and coaches understand the theory behind success and provide practical skills to improve performance. Relevant for competitors in all disciplines as well as for recreational paddlers, In the Flow features chapters on self-confidence, decision-making, teamwork, whitewater paddling, competition and the joys of wilderness paddling.

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