Homeopathy For Horses

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Homeopathy For Horses
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AuthorShaw, Susan
GenreEquine Veterinary Medicine
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Mercid 101159780968416549
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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Homeopath and author Susan Shaw has spent many years successfully treating horses with inexpensive, natural, homeopathic medicines. Let's face it, a horse usually colics late at night when you can't get hold of the vet. Even if you can, it could take him or her hours to reach you, and afterwards they'll quite rightly present you with a handsome bill for their trouble. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could give your horse a small, white tablet containing natural substances, and see it 'miraculously' recover within minutes? Well, you can. Since 1994, when Homeopathy For Horses was first published, 1,000 copies have been sold to horse owners interested in exploring alternative medicine for their animals. The following is an excerpt from a testimonial from a satisfied customer. "Using your book, I was able to make accurate prescriptions with very little understanding of what I was doing, bringing immediate relief for my animals and encouraging me to further study. " Jo Twiss DCH (Diploma in Classical Homeopathy) Now YOU can take control of your horse's health care with this practical, easy-to-follow self-help guide. Packed with information, this invaluable book includes actual case histories that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment. This revised edition is newly published in February 2005, for $15.00 as an eBook. Also available as a regular printed copy from the publisher, The Original Farmhouse, www. theoriginalfarmhouse.com.

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