Crystal Ball

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Crystal Ball
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AuthorFerguson, Sibyl
GenreCrystals New Age
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Mercid 102829781609258450
MerchantRakuten Kobo Canada
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Scrying- the art of divining by looking into an appropriate surface and receiving information in the form of visions- has been used by healers, shamans, and witch doctors for divination since ancient times. In Crystal Ball, Sibyl Ferguson offers a concise and accurate account of the history and the art of using crystal balls, or "shewstones", as they were called in the Bible, as a tool for enhancing daily life. This revised and expanded edition includes additional guidance for crystal ball use and care as well as information on using crystals and gemstones for healing and protection. Also included is an A-Z list of stones and their lore, power, and healing properties. Discover which stones to use for which specific purposes. Beryl helps you to find anything you have lost- keys, jewelry, money, even people. Obsidian is the karma stone and helps you to see and resolve past-life issues. Quartz crystal can put you in touch with helpful spirit guides who foretell events. Selenite is particularly useful with any matters regarding health and home. Smoky quartz connects you with nature spirits and shows you what to avoid in your life. The art and science of shewstones revealed.

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