Amnesty of July 4, 1902

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Amnesty of July 4, 1902
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AuthorHimerio Jose Dela Llana Garcia IV
GenreCourt Records Law
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The Philippine Islands was ceded to the United States of America from Spain in the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898 for Twenty Million Dollars (20,000,000.00). To pacify the entire Philippine Archipelago and to break the spirited resistance of the Filipinos, the American President issued an Amnesty Proclamation on July 4, 1902 granting full and general amnesty for the benefit of all Filipinos who took part in the revolution against Spain and the war against America as a way to entice the Filipinos to accept the benevolence of America. Various laws were enacted that rendered criminal the political aspirations of those who continued the fight for independence after the Amnesty Proclamation. The Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands was established during the time the United States of America was consolidating the assimilation of the Philippine Islands under its governance. The subject matter of this compilation include the decisions on cases determined by the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands found in volumes one (1) to five (5) of the Philippine Reports regarding the Amnesty Proclamation of July 4, 1902.

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